Urbain Vandeurzen

Dr. Urbain Vandeurzen is the chairman of Flanders Make since its start in 2014. He founded a number of companies in his career, including LMS International in 1980, and Flanders Drive in 1996. Since 2012, he has been a director at KULeuven and chairman of the "Opening the Future" fundraising campaign. Furthermore, since 2013, Urbain Vandeurzen played a leading role in the transformation of the local economy in Limburg as president of the Entrepreneurs Platform Limburg (OPL and  the Limburg Innovation Center. In addition, he is Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of VOKA-Vlaams Economisch Verbond. Urbain Vandeurzen also served as Vice-Chairman  of the Federation of Enterprises (VBO) in Belgium, Vice-Chairman of Agoria Flanders and Vice-Chairman of the Leuven Chamber of Commerce, and he was the chairman of the board of directors of Gimv NV from 2011 until 2016.

Session: Opening session

Christian Hocken

Christian Hocken is Managing Partner at the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center in Aachen, Germany. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the Center and for the development of customer and partner relations. Christian has substantial expertise in the transformation of manufacturing companies, which he applied in several client projects. Before the founding of the Center, he was Deputy Head of Information Management at FIR, the Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University, a role in which he supported companies in the development and implementation of digitalization strategies. Already during his time as a Computer Science and MBA student at RWTH Aachen University, he has developed a strong interest in the transformation of companies.

Session: Industry 4.0: Maturity index and experience in Germany


Lieven Demeyer

Lieven De Meyer joined Flanders Make in 2014 as program manager and is currently CTO, responsible for the implementation of the research strategy. Starting his career at Alcatel and continuing at Niko, ZF WindPower, Hansen Industrial Transmissions, and Aleris, where he has taken various management responsibilities in R&D and innovation. He holds a degree of Master of Material Sciences and studied industrial management at University of Ghent.

Session: Enabling drivers & digital technologies for future machines and production

Marc Engels

Dr. Marc Engels is the COO  of Flanders Make. Flanders Make was created by an integration of two research centers, Flanders Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) and Flanders' Drive, and 12 university labs. Since its start in 2003 till the merger, he was the general manager of FMTC, directing research on model-based design of energy-efficient and smart machines. Before joining FMTC, Marc worked at Stanford University, Catholic University of Leuven, IMEC, and Loranet (an IMEC spinoff). He holds an electronics engineering degree and a PhD, both from the Catholic University of Leuven. He is the father of 3 daughters and is a minerals and fossils collector.

Session: Enabling drivers & digital technologies for future machines and production


Guillaume Grevecoeur

Guillaume Crevecoeur is associate professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University since 2014. He leads an interdisciplinary research team active in the modelling, optimization and control of dynamical systems with applications on electromechanical systems. He teaches courses on numerical optimization, mechatronics, robotics and the modelling of dynamical systems. His work has won him several scientific awards including best paper awards at international conferences (a.o. ICSTCC, OIPE) and a PhD thesis he promoted was awarded the 4-yearly AIG award. Foundational research activities are being carried out on system identification and its combination with machine learning, as well as nonlinear optimal control strategies and reinforcement learning. Strategic research activities are on-going with respect to machine intelligence to take algorithms and methodologies to the real world. He furthermore leads the FlandersMake @UGent EEDT core lab within the competence cluster Decision and Control. Guillaume Crevecoeur co-authored a total of 86 journal articles listed in ISI Web of Science and numerous other conference articles and is holder of two US patents.

Session: Enabling drivers & digital technologies for future machines and production

Nicolas Deruytter

Nicolas Deruytter holds a masters both in Electromechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Having an affinity with cutting edge tech, he founded ML6 in 2013, right after graduating cum laude. Now, the company has more than 55 Machine Learning experts and is rapidly expanding with new offices in Europe.

Session: Making efficient real-time decisions in complex environments thanks to AI based systems


Jonathan Berte

Jonathan Berte is CEO at Robovision. The founder and CEO of Robovision, Jonathan Berte is specialized in applying deep learning algorithms in image processing, robotics programming and automation. He studied engineering applied Physics, magna cum laude (Ghent 2002) and specialized in neuroscience at the ETH Zurich. At Robovision, Jonathan and his team of machine learning experts have developed a fully scalable engine for the deployment of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in applications as diverse as manufacturing, media, security and agriculture. With this solution, Robovision seeks to help enact the paradigm shift needed to embrace the transformative potential of today’s new oil: data.When he’s not in the lab, Jonathan is spending time with his three children, developing AI and blockchain-based solutions to societal challenges such as the refugee crisis or producing music in his home studio.

Session: The value of deep learning application on visual data in manufacturing

Jan Verhasselt

Dr. Ir. Jan Verhasselt is managing director of Yazzoom, a company specialized in applying artificial intelligence and advanced process control in industry. Before founding Yazzoom Jan managed research and software engineering teams and the portfolio office of multinational companies.

Session: Smart supervision and early anomaly detection in machines & production environments


Fons Leroy

After finishing his studies, Fons Leroy lectured at the HISKWA-Arbeidershogeschool in Brussels and was responsible for the RVA (National Employment Office) research division. In 1990 he became Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the Community Minister for Employment of that time. From 1990 tot 2005 he worked as a Deputy Chief of Cabinet and later as a Chief of Cabinet at the Flemish Employment Cabinets. In 2005, he became the CEO of the VDAB, the Public Employment Service of Flanders. In 2019 he retired as CEO of the VDAB.

Session: Competences in the digital era

Seth Maenen

Seth Maenen (PhD) is a researcher and advisor on workplace innovation and teamwork. He is currently the coordinator of Workitects, formerly known as Flanders Synergy. Workitects  is a knowledge center rooted in social science and specialized in applying organizational redesign theory on the field. Workitects has built a significant network of manufacturing organizations over the past decade. Seth has experience in dozens of manufacturing companies pulling through structural adaptations of organizations and implementing teamwork. Seth also teaches on these topics at the Antwerp Management School.

Session: Organisation for Industry 4.0/intensified collaboration


Elke Van Hoof

Prof. dr. Elke Van Hoof teaches medical and health psychology as well as clinical psychological interventions at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She is a guest lecturer at the Vlerick Business School. In addition, Elke is a lecturer in the interuniversity training ‘First-line psychological care’ and ‘Psychodiagnostics for adults’. Next to her academic career, Elke Van Hoof is managing director of the Center for Resilience (Huis voor Veerkracht), the center of expertise for stress, burnout and resilience, as well as co-founder of Agile Grit. Social and sustainable entrepreneurship is a central theme in all her activities. Elke has been conducting research for more than 15 years into what makes people vulnerable to (temporary) problems when confronted with a chronic disorder. She is striving to gain insight into factors that have a negative but also a positive influence on dealing with these challenges.

Session: Flourishing in a fast changing world

Emmanuelle Pierrard

Through her years of experience at Nokia, Emmanuelle developed great insights on how the future will evolve. Since 2017, she is Customer Team Head BeNeLux at Nokia. Emmannuelle has great know-how on what's new and what are the trends in the industry. Her communication skills ensure that she's easily sharing this knowlegde with others.

Session: How 5G will impact your industry


Dirk Torfs

Dirk started his industrial career in 1995 at Trasys NV where he coordinated space-based projects and programs for the European Space Agency. Today, Dirk is CEO of Flanders Make. Before this position, he was Vice President, Local Division Manager at ABB Benelux for the Discrete Automation and Motion Division. Dirk has over 20 years of general management experience, being responsible for strategic development and sustainable growth in various sectors (engineering, execution and maintenance of technical infrastructure in buildings, sales and services in the industrial automation industry; robotics and discrete automation and Motion, and space industry). He led small and large organizations. Dirk's main interest is in the relationship between human capital development and company growth development and in supporting companies with Industry 4.0-related implementations.

Session: Conclusions

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